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Kit CleanerEngine

Cleaner Engine, Realizes Engine Deceleration in Static ou en situation roulante.

Cleaner Engine, Performs engine descaling in static or rolling condition.

The use of Multi-gas is no more dangerous than the use of gasoline. Use common sense and follow the basic safety instructions as mentioned in the instructions for use.

Will this equipment work on all vehicles?
Our system is designed to work with any type of vehicle.
You must make sure that:
• You have chosen the suitable diffuser combination to be inserted into the air inlet hose before the filter housing.
• Multi-gas treatment is installed without any leaks.
• Adjust the flow control.

Does the Multi-Gas Treatment Work With Diesel, Gasoline, LPG Engines?
Yes, and often much better! diesel vehicles usually benefit from the best economics because they are equipped with fewer sensors and there is much less computer conflict to deal with.

Will it improve my fuel economy?
There is a lot of evidence about the effectiveness of this technology.
Independent researchers report reduced emissions after treatment.
The individual results will depend on the quality of the intervention to respect the phases planned in the course of treatment in our manual.

Are Installation Instructions Included?
All our equipment comes with very detailed instructions that are part of the purchase. On delivery, you will receive a download link for the latest version of the manual. Our manuals provide basic and easy-to-understand instructions for installation and maintenance as well as more detailed technical information for those who want a deeper understanding.

Est-Ce Que Le traitement Multi-Gaz Peut Endommager Le Moteur De Mon Véhicule? 
Ce n’est pas possible. Le Multi-gaz a été étudier pour un moteur diesel ou essence, en augmentant la température de combustion et en maintenant air/Multi-gaz/carburant plus explosif, résultant à brûler le carbone déposé dans le moteur pour le transformer en vapeur d'eau. 
La technologie Multi-Gaz traite tous les moteurs et interviens sur: 
· Admission 
· Soupapes 
· Culasse 
· Pistons 
· Échappement 
· Vanne EGR 
· (FAP) Filtre à particule avec régénération constructeur. 
· Catalyseur 
Avantages sont les suivants : 
· Compatibilité avec moteurs essence, diesel, huile végétale, GPL,BIO-éthanol. 
· Pas de modification moteur. 
· Un stockage de gaz en cartouche jetable est légal.
· Equipement d'un encombrement minimum. 
· Elimination des hydrocarbures imbrûlés (Calamine). 
· Augmentation du rendement thermodynamique de combustion. 
· Technique d'enrichissement pour décalaminage des moteurs thermiques asservis par sonde oxygène analogique (monitoring) ; vanne EGR ; filtre a particule (FAP) ; Catalyseur. 
· Application du procédé originel by Cleaner Engine

Quelle Est L'endroit Recommandé Pour Réaliser Un Traitement? 
Une intervention de  traitement Cleaner Engine peut être réalisé en statique dans un local ou en mode roulant du véhicule .

Les Points Forts: L'efficacité sans démontage de pièces!
Pas de maintenance lourde et dangereuse comme les machines hho.Pas de branchement électrique. Traitement par le filtre à air sans démontage.
Can Multi-Gas Treatment Damage the Engine of My Vehicle?
It is not possible. The Multi-gas has been studied for a diesel or gasoline engine, increasing the combustion temperature and keeping air / Multi-gas / fuel more explosive, resulting in burning the carbon deposited in the engine to turn it into water vapor .
The Multi-Gas technology treats all engines and intervenes on:
· Admission
· Valves
· Cylinder head
· Pistons
· Exhaust
· EGR valve
· (FAP) Particle filter with manufacturer regeneration.
· Catalyst
Advantages are:
· Compatibility with gasoline, diesel, vegetable oil, LPG, BIO-ethanol engines.
· No engine modification.
· Disposable gas storage is legal.
· Equipment of a minimum size.
· Removal of unburned hydrocarbons (Calamine).
· Increased thermodynamic combustion efficiency.
· Enrichment technique for descaling of thermal motors controlled by analogue oxygen probe (monitoring); EGR valve ; particle filter (FAP); Catalyst.
· Application of the original process by Cleaner Engine

What is the recommended place to perform a treatment?
A Cleaner Engine treatment intervention can be performed statically in a room or in rolling mode of the vehicle.

Strong Points: Efficiency without dismantling parts!
No heavy and dangerous maintenance like hho machines. No electrical connection. Treatment by the air filter without disassembly.


Cartouche Multi-Gaz jetable

Régulator Distributor

Multi-gas hho treatment of engine scale in workshop on site, or in rolling mode. An intervention in rolling mode offers a result of better quality and in only 20 minutes!

CleanerEngine Video

Multi-Gas hho treatment


Hho Multi-Gas Disposable Cartridge for Motor Decalination.

This distributor regulator allows you to carry out the treatment on all types of petrol or diesel engine up to the cylinder capacity of 12L.

The price is from € 540

More machine to use:

  • No heavy and dangerous maintenance like hho machines.
  • No electrical connection.
  • Treatment by the air filter without disassembly.
  • A disposable type cartridge makes about 5 operations of 50 minutes in workshop mode or about 10 in rolling mode.

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