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Exchanger Oil, specific draining equipment
for G7 / G8 automatic gearbox

Exanger Oil Cleaner6000

Do I have to change the automatic gearbox?
The gearbox is a key element to the proper functioning of your vehicle. Performing regular maintenance will help you avoid unpleasant situations. Indeed, once it breaks down your vehicle will be immobilized for a longer or shorter period and the repair or replacement may reach significant amounts ranging from € 1,600 to € 12,000 on a G7 / 8.
Oil for life, your gearbox does not require maintenance! This is the answer that is most often heard here and there.
Indeed, once out of order, your gearbox has reached its end of life ...
So to keep your vehicle in good working order and avoid unpleasant surprises, there is no doubt that regular maintenance is essential.
In the automatic draining network, we carry out complete emptying.
Warning: without a specific equipment a manual draining, only drain 40% to 60% of the oil contained in the system.

Draining and cleaning of automatic gearbox
All the partners of the automatic drain network are equipped with an automated station. This allows them to offer you a quality service guaranteeing the emptying of all the oils contained in the hydraulic system of your automatic gearbox.
This station also eliminates all deposits related to friction disc wear and thanks to its washing function and the addition of a washing additive all sludge will be eliminated.
Draining the torque converter:
Finally, before checking the level, the station will proceed to replace the used oil remaining in particular in the torque converter until the oil circulating in the used oil flow meters and new oil from the station are identical.

Are you a professional:
Become an automatic drain partner.
Within the network you are totally independent.
We put at your disposal all our experience to assist you in your development.
Contact us to get the answers to your questions and all the information needed for the partnership.


  • Driving force: (electric) DC12V
  • Pressure gauge: 0-60PSI
  • Weight: 38KG
  • Measure: 365 * 445 * 940mm

CE - ISO 9001

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