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Lifetime Oil, Your Gearbox Does Not Require Maintenance


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Cleaner Engine

Cleaner Engine, Performs engine descaling in static or rolling condition.
The use of Multi-gas is no more dangerous than the use of gasoline.

The strong points:

  • Efficiency without dismantling parts!
  • No heavy and dangerous maintenance such as hho machines.
  • No electrical connection.
  • Treatment by the air filter without disassembly.

Motor Calibrator, Warning on Too High Flow:

  • The collateral engine damage, valve seat, valve, piston, bleeding cut lights head, may be reversible by using machine whose flow rate is too high causing a shot that may reach 3300 degrees, caused injuries don't are more repairable with the risk of Pierce a piston head by accelerations during the treatment.
  • Using Drycell type machines, when the module heats up he sent to the engine a steam charged potassium hydroxide solution that go under 3 weeks blacken all parts in aluminium by irreversible oxidation!

Lifetime Oil, Your Gearbox Does Not Require Maintenance! That's the answer that is most often heard here and there!à!

Do I have to change the automatic gearbox?

The gearbox is a key element to the proper functioning of your vehicle. Performing regular maintenance will help you avoid unpleasant situations. Indeed, once it breaks down your vehicle will be immobilized for a period more or less important and the repair or replacement will reach significant amounts ranging from € 1,600 to € 12,000 on a G7 / G8.
Drain and automatic gearbox cleaning (all models)
All the partners of the automatic drain network are equipped with an automated station. This allows them to offer you a quality service guaranteeing the emptying of all the oils contained in the hydraulic system of your automatic gearbox with Exanger Oil Cleaner6000



Strong profitability!

Stakeholder On Automobiles, Garage Operators, Operated The Benefit Of Particulate Filter Cleaning, Catalyst, EGR Valve With Pro Material, The CleanerFap.

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A descaling cleaning operation of a particulate filter or Catalyst of 20 minutes to one hour after disassembly, to bring it back to life for 100,000km again.


Carbon cleaner, Warning on too high flow rate:

Carbon cleaner, Warning on too high flow rate:
  • The collateral damage of the engine, valve, valve seat, piston head, bleeding cuts fire, can not be reversible by the use of machine whose flow is too high causing a shot of up to 3300 degrees, lesions caused do not are more repairable with the risk of piercing a piston head by accelerations provided during the treatment.
  • By using Drycell type machines, when the module heats up, it sends to the motor a solution of steam loaded with potassium hydroxide which goes under 3 weeks to blacken all the aluminum parts by an irreversible oxidation!

Standard Equipment:

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